DataMic was created and is maintained by Mike Cornell.  Mike is a Senior Solution Consultant on a rock-star team at BlueGranite.  His interests and passions are around cloud data platform, advanced analytics and machine learning, and big data.  He specializes in Microsoft’s Cortana Analytics Suite, SQL Server technologies, and Tableau, and he holds certifications with Microsoft, Tableau, and Hortonworks.  He also holds a Master’s degree in Management Information Systems from Florida State University.

Mike has an addicting passion and enthusiasm for what he does.  He maintains a desire for helping clients realize insights and operationalizing those insights into actionable, prescriptive solutions.  He also has an unquenchable thirst to keep learning and to share his knowledge and opinions with others.

Any opinions and views expressed on DataMic are those of Mike Cornell and do not necessarily reflect those of the companies he works for or with.